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        With excellent geographical environment and convenient traffice, Changshu Xinyu Textile Co., Ltd. is located at Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, the picturesque famous historical city, international garden city and the hometown of A Qing Aunt. Our company is in Fangbang Industrial Zone next to Changshu North Exit of Yaniang Speed Highway, 80 km north to Shanghai, 50 km west to Wuxi Entry of Huning Speed Highway, nearly 2 km far away from Changshu Harbor.Gorgeous environment nurtures outstanding talents. Convenient traffic contributes to powerful economy. Possessing long-history quality guarantee and exquisite technological skill, our company is reformed and restructured from National Changshu No. 3 Textile Factory in the past decades. We has developed to a modern enterprise with 40-mu area, 20000-m² floorage, over 500 employers and above 50 technicians. At present, we becomes a production base of textile product with over 150 rapier weaving machines and annual production capacity of over 6 million meters.
        In 2001, we invested n Jinfeng Linen Spin Base. Now, this base has above 5000-ingot nationwide 1st grade linen spin facilities with annual production capacity of over 1000 ton so as to provide to us all kinds of wet linen yarn.
        We are specialized in yarn dyed fabric. All the raw textile materials are under serious collection. Products includes 100% linen, 100% ramie, linen/cotton mixed fabric, linen/polyester mixed fabric, 100% cotton yarn dyed poplin, exquisite combed nylon/cotton, CVC, yarn dyed champray, 100% yarn dyed fabric and all kinds of stretch fabric. Excellent qualify created good business opportunities. We has established long-term cooperation relationship with several world brand name enterprises.
        New generation of Xinyu devotes to quality and reputation and promotes all around quality managing system so as to improve our competence ability. Our upgrading exploration spirit and hi-tech production line contribute to high quality and colorful yarn dyed fabric. We turn to development course of Chinese textile industry, adhere to principle of Service First and continue to develop market home and aboard so as to penetrate in five continents.

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